Sunday, August 16, 2009

A challenging question

More often than not, we homeschoolers are asked why we homeschool and get the comment "I could never homeschool my children." after you tell them why.

I want to reverse the question.  If you send your child to a government (public) school, why do YOU do so?  A simple enough question, but I doubt the answer is as simple as you like to think.

Then, after you answer the question, have a good look at your answer.  How good are those answers?  Are they solid, well supported answers or are the generic fluff.  And if you were to tell me that your school is different/better than all the others, I would solidly challenge you on it to show me how/why.

You don't really have to tell me, but seriously - turn off your television, turn off your phone and put away your magazine and turn on your brain and really think about your decision to trust the government with educating your children (after all, there are a whole lot of us who do not necessarily care to trust the government with our healthcare...and this is the care and training of your children's minds & hearts).