Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ambleside at work

Tonight, I was asked dd M to tell me if she thought I should read "The Children of the New Forest".  She has been reading it the last few weeks as she finishes up Year 3 (note that is not Grade 3) in AO.  We have taken our time on Year 3 as I know that when we start Year 4, we make a huge jump in things she will be reading - we will be adding in a reading from Plutarch's lives for each term and the books will be that much more involved.  I have heard from many other mom's out there that this is a big jump academically.  And while I do not think she would have been ready for it 6 mos. ago, I think she is now.  Here I go rambling again.

Back to the book.   She stated an emphatic "Yes!" to my question. She then gave me a nice narration about it, told me that it was during the time of King Charles I (1600's) and went on to tell me what she remembered about him from AIS.  I am impressed that she remembers so much.  Whenever I am in doubt of what she is or isn't learning, asking for an impromptu narration almost always makes me feel much better. 

Then, later on this evening, we had allowed her some time on the computer.  She has "horses" on www.howrse.com and she has horses/plays games on www.bellasara.com.  Apparently, one of the horses on Howrse had a foal (?!) and she needed a name for it.  M asked for our help and gave us a list of choices.  Interestingly, they were all names of characters from Shakespeare!  Always the homeschooling mom, I asked her about the characters and which were most funny or respectable rather than ones with serious character flaws.  And she told me which ones were who from which story, lol!  

We will be getting more in depth in Shakespeare as we start Year 4 in a week or so and this knowledge will certainly be helpful to her!