Thursday, March 12, 2009

Geography Fair preparation

One of the beauties about homeschooling is the ability to stop all normal activities and focus on a project.  The children are participating in a geography fair this Sunday afternoon.

M has picked out Belize for her country.  We were able to get some neat information from a family at church.  They were missionaries in Guatemala for several years, but spent time in Belize as well.

Mid. G & I decided together that rather than an entire country, we would focus on one state.  He decided to do Oklahoma (for obvious reasons).  It is kind of fun to help him out since I have so many pictures from various areas of the state.  By the way, did you know it is illegal to hunt whales in the OK waterways??  I could be in trouble for all the time my friend Kathy & I spent looking for that whale in Catoosa.... Hmmm - maybe I will scan the picture of me and that whale!!  In doubt about that whale??  Check it out HERE, lol!

Anyway, Mid. G is on the Encarta thing on the laptop.  He loved picking out books about OK and getting out Grampie's encyclopedia's to look things up in it, too!  M has taken the project on as her own, with only limited help from me!  I will post pictures of the finished projects.