Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monarch - the caterpillars

So, a little while back, I posted about the monarch butterflies that had been visiting our milkweed patch that is right outside my patio door (because everyone should have some there - it grows tall, the flowers smell lovely, the deer don't like them, but the Monarch butterflies do!

So far, we have collected a whole 4 caterpillars. I can tell by looking at the leaves on my plants that there have been LOTS more that did not survive
until I found them. :(

But, here are some pictures of our caterpillars. The largest/oldest one is acting like it is ready to make a chrysalis!
Note the

A head on look.

The first 2. After the first week, they grow REALLY fast overnight!

So tiny!

This one is very close to making it's chrysalis
Our 2 youngest caterpillars. Can you see both of them?

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