Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What is it?

I grow this in one of my flowerbeds. Most people don't. But, the flowers on it are spectacular in smell. They actually grow right by our patio door because they have such a great smell and because the plant itself has a very specific purpose in our garden. They don't need ANY special care at all. They don't get direct sunlight in our yard but they are currently around 5 ft. tall.

Because of its specific purpose, it gives us a dual benefit for nature study (and not just the little ones!). We all enjoy it.

Do you know what it is?


  1. Do these open up more and become like a 'snowball'? I don't know what they are but you've got me curious :)

  2. The petals open up a bit more than this, the stems are not "stiff". So, they don't become more snowballish. However, since Brandy asked, too....

    You are looking at a common milkweed plant! This one is by my patio door. We often have monarchs come visit during the summer and we have watched monarchs laying eggs on the leaves. Unfortunately, the other critters have gotten to our caterpillars before we could remove and relocate them to a safe cage to go through the other stages. A dear friend of ours has many along her garage and saves many caterpillars each year from birds/bugs.

    Here is hoping that we can change that this year!