Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Memorial Day - Not just another day to cook out

Does anyone actually remember exactly WHY we have Memorial Day?  Do you hang up your flag at least on this day? You can get them fairly cheap right now as most stores have them on sale this week!

We are using Amanda Bennett's Patriotic Holiday's Unit Study right now to teach all of us the Why behind it and remind us of where our country has been. (  Did you know that it was originally called Decoration Day or that it did not even become a national holiday until 1971 (although it was already celebrated prior to that)?

A link for some neat videos:

Crafts for Memorial Day - show your patriotism: (well worth the $20 a year) - Section for Memorial Day on the Left side of the screen

Memorial Day is near and dear to me - My husband, brother, cousin are all Veteran's of Foreign Wars.  My late FIL and my Uncle on my mom's side (Green Beret) served our country in
Vietnam. My grandpa was at Pearl Harbor and I have 2 Great Great Grandfathers on my Dad's side that were in the Civil War. My dad's brother served his country during the Korean War (wait that was a conflict....).  Apparently due to ages/timing, no one on either side of my family served during WWI.  Now to check with my husband's side.

We attend the Memorial Day Parade in
Sussex that is put on each year by the local VFW.  They usually have a Memorial Service in front of the VFW hall.  I am willing to bet many of your small towns VFW chapters do the same.  It is worth checking into.  I know last year it brought it home to my daughter.

We also like to go out to Oconomowoc and see the Baby Bison at Kumrow Farm!  Well, it is not  exactly Patriotic, but our country's heritage had Farming as the #2 occupation (being a housewife was #1 - and how many of those women lived on working farms?? - a bunch, you can bet).  So, we go see the baby bison and the cows and have a tasty Bison burger!

Then, we go onto the church picnic.  We cook out and have great fellowship with our church family.

We remember that the Lord our God is in charge of all that goes on around us.  I hope all of you have a great Memorial Day.  Don't forget to hang up your flag!

May God Bless

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