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When to File Wisconsin's DPI-1206 Home Based Education Enrollment Notification Form Part 1

So, in getting some other information from the site, I noticed that the 2016-17 online DPI-1206 form is available for filing. I know this comes up every year and I want to revisit it it now and I know that there is some confusion out there about why we say to wait to file the form. First and foremost, know that there will be regular reminders here  when the time comes for the preferred filing window.

From Wisconsin Parents AssociationRemember, filling out the PI­-1206 correctly, giving no more information than we are required and doing it at the appropriate time, helps protect our homeschooling freedom. School officials and opponents of homeschooling are less likely to challenge homeschoolers who know the law, are complying with it, and are acting in ways that protect their freedoms. As a Wisconsin homeschooler, you are required to file form PI-­1206 online every year you are homeschooling whether you start homeschooling the day public schools open or later in the school year. It is illegal to homeschool without filing the form every year. 

So, when should you file? While there are some exceptions (see below!), please wait. Don't file your form yet. I know some of you are afraid you will forget and want to get it out of the way right now and are telling me via talking to your screen (and others) that you have always filed your form the very first moment you are able to do so (I can hear you, lol!). laugh Please wait. We will remind you closer to dates and more than once. You have until October 15th to report your child(ren)'s enrollment on the 3rd Friday in September in your homeschool.

Wisconsin Law:
On or before each October 15, each administrator of a public or private school system or a home-based private educational program shall submit, on forms provided by the department, a statement of the enrollment on the 3rd Friday of September in the elementary and high school grades under his or her jurisdiction to the department which shall prepare such reports as will enable the public and private schools and home-based private educational programs to make projections regarding school buildings, teacher supply and funds required. The administrator of each private school system and home-based private educational program shall indicate in his or her report whether the system or program meets all of the criteria under s. 118.165 (1).

What the WI DPI says regarding filing says this:
When must I submit form PI-1206? Under current law, homeschooling parents are required to file the online PI-1206 homeschool form annually, on or before October 15. However, the PI-1206 form is available at any time during the school year. If you withdraw your child from a public or private school after October 15, your online PI-1206 form should be submitted or updated on or before the date your child ceases to attend the school. If you withdraw your child from the public or private school prior to completing the online PI-1206 form, your resident school district may consider your child to be truant.

Wisconsin Parents Association has this to say about when and how to file - and why to wait:
When and How Do I File the Required Form PI-­1206 (click the link to read more and there is a good detailed explanation about why to wait and other information regarding protecting our homeschooling freedoms in WI here!)
• DO NOT FILE a PI-­1206 form until the school year in which your child is six years old on or
before September 1st.
• If you DID NOT ENROLL your child in a public or conventional private school or a public
virtual charter school for this school year, file the form after the third Friday in September and by October 15th. (All private schools report their enrollment numbers to the DPI as of the third Friday in September.)
• If you have OFFICIALLY ENROLLED your child in a conventional public or private school
or a public virtual charter school for this school year AND/OR your child HAS ATTENDED any classes in school this year, you are required by Wisconsin statutes to file your form before you begin homeschooling, no matter what your beginning date is.

So, be watching! I will start sending reminders about filing out starting on the 3rd Friday in September! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

This ended up becoming a two part blog post because of a question I was asked elsewhere. Part 2 can be found HERE.

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